Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z (Day 18)

Salute- This is one of my favorite activities! It’s a great way to reinforce math facts and have some fun at the same time. 

Here’s how to play: 

1. Use a set of large playing cards or create a set on large index cards. For this activity, Aces = 1, Jacks = 10, Queens = 11, and Kings = 12. The Jokers can be removed from the set or you can make them another one of the numbers. (Be sure to write the value of the face cards on the board for the students to see or take the face cards out of the deck if your students are not able to recall the values.)

2. Call two students up to the front of the room. Hand each student a playing card. 

3. Ask the students to hold the card face down in front of them. Students should not look at the card. 

4. The students then stand next to each other at the front of the room. 

5. On the teacher’s cue, the students hold the card up to their foreheads with the front of the card facing the teacher and the audience. 

6. The teacher looks at the students’ cards and tells them the product of their numbers.  

7. When the teachers says, “Salute!,” both players face each other, look at the other person’s card, and try to guess the number that is on the front of their card. 

8. The first player to guess their number correctly is the winner of the round. 

a. Use addition for younger students. 
b. Try using three cards/digits for a multiplication or addition challenge. 

Clipart courtesy of: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Krista-Wallden

Shametria Routt Banks

Shametria Routt Banks

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