Meet Shametria

I’m married to an amazing basketball coach and have been a Texas educator for over 15 years. After 11 years in the classroom, I stepped out of the classroom to explore more opportunities to learn, create, and share with my fellow teachers– my passion! During the last few years, I have been a mentor teacher for first and second-year teachers, a middle school math instructional coach, and a campus administrator.

Teaching Experience

I have 15 years of experience teaching both upper elementary school and middle school mathematics. I also have two years of experience in campus leadership as an Assistant Principal. I have also been a curriculum writer for a local community college.

Teaching Style

I really love an active classroom! If you were to walk in, you would see my students engaged in hands-on activities, completing station activities, or working cooperatively. It truly is a “routty” (rowdy) classroom.


I received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree with a Mathematics Specialization from Baylor University in 2002. I received a Master’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin in Curriculum and Instruction in 2005. Most recently, I received my Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Mathematics Education from Baylor University.



Grade Level

Grade Level




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