Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z (Day 25)

Zany Problem Solving Tasks- Problem solving is a great way to get your students thinking, to emphasize critical thinking skills, and promote curricular content all at the same time. Problem solving can come in the form of games, logic problems, word problems that emphasize non-routine solution strategies, puzzles, tiling tasks, problem of the day, and stumpers (like riddles). There are many ways to integrate problem solving throughout your daily math program, through problem of the day, math stations. math menus, enrichment time, skill assessments, games, brain breaks, etc. Join me for my next series, “Problem Solving Palooza” for ideas, activities, and strategies for increasing your classroom rigor through problem solving. In the meantime, check out my freebie “Make 24,” a game that promotes problem solving skills when students use four numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide their way to the number 24. Happy Solving!

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Shametria Routt Banks

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